Home Design

Besides wall panel design and manufacturing, Masterwork Components provides custom home designs for residential construction.  We have the capabilities to produce full sets of plans complete with 3D renderings.

Roofers at Work
Truss Packages

The latest product offerings from Masterwork Components are wood trusses for construction.  We are taking the same values of quality and timely delivery and carrying them over into the world of trusses.

Single Family, Multifamily and Commercial Wall Panels

With our hybrid semi-automated manufacturing line, we can accurately forecast delivery dates and lead times to accommodate everything from single family homes to large multifamily projects and commercial construction. 


The labor market for wood framing construction is tight and only getting worse.  Finding contractors that can take on new work is a real challenge and can have a direct effect on building construction timeline.  The days and weeks that are consumed in a construction project timeline for the framing work are some of the hardest on the schedule because they preclude any other trades from working in parallel. Along with this, the weather outside can severely affect the quality and speed of wall framing when completed in the elements.

Prefabricated wall panels and trusses help alleviate the pain of the contractor labor shortage, and the effect weather has on the wall building process, by completing a large portion of the framing work off-site and delivering components to be installed rather than assembled.  They cut down the framing portion of the schedule considerably and improve the overall project schedule.  With the work being done in an enclosed facility and with a proven quality control program, our components will have you doing more work in less time.



Masterwork Components, Inc. is a startup prefabricated wall panel manufacturing facility located in Kalispell Montana.

Kyle is a hard working father who knew someday he was going to start up a business of his own. After getting a tour of duty in Iraq under his belt, he attended Montana State University where he studied Mechanical Engineering Technology, graduating in 2011. From there he relocated to Kalispell and started working in engineering. After a few years, he enrolled back in school with the MBA program through the University of Montana. All while working full time as an engineering manager and supporting his wife and children at home.

Growing up, Jeren worked summers doing construction jobs, gaining experience in the field. He then attended Montana State University and graduated in 2015 from Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in structural design. He got a job in Kalispell as a structural engineer, working mainly wood framed construction projects. Jeren is excited to get back into the construction industry, and will be able to use both his field and office experience in wall panel manufacturing.

One evening in 2018, Kyle and Jeren got to visiting about the construction world in Kalispell and how there was a huge opportunity with offsite construction. They both went home that night and immediately researched everything they could find. Six months later and they are pitching a business plan and buying equipment from New Zealand. The rest is history.






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